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Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is an international equine nutrition, research and consultation company serving both the horse producer and the feed industry. Its goal is to advance the industry's knowledge of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce healthier, more athletic horses.

Nutrition Solutions For:
Horse Owners

Horse Owners

KER formulates nutritionally balanced, state-of-the-art feeds for horses in all stages of life and horses involved in all disciplines using the most up-to-date research findings.

Feed Manufacturers

Feed Manufacturers

KER provides feed manufacturers with the scientific knowledge, innovation, and experience necessary for them to produce competitive, top-of-the line feeds.



KER provides nutritional solutions to veterinarians in the form of scientifically formulated feeds, unique nutritional supplements, and innovative consultation services.

In the Library

KER maintains an extensive online library for your use. Included are articles from many of KER's publications. contains hundreds of articles on nutrition, feed management, and veterinary topics. KER publishes books and proceedings from its nutrition conferences, and produces equine health and nutrition videos. Have a look around the KER Library, and watch our horse health videos.

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Lasix Study Results

KER has released a technical bulletin, titled "Furosemide Use in Racehorses: A Nutritional Perspective," summarizing research on the use of furosemide, performed both by KER and independent scientists. Request a copy of the report.

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