Kentucky Equine Research

15th Annual KER Conference

From Foal to Finish-Factors Affecting the Production of the Equine Athlete

Kentucky Equine Research hosted its 15th annual nutrition conference on Oct. 16-17 in Lexington, Kentucky where over 250 delegates from 15 countries and 27 U.S. States attended. Experts in the fields of nutrition and veterinary medicine detailed the numerous factors which may impact soundness and future athletic ability in young horses. Growth parameters from different continents were compared, and updates to the NRC nutrient guidelines were explored. Other lectures focused on nutrition of the dam, young foal, ill neonate, and two-year-old horse in training.  Dr. Wayne McIlwraith, generally acknowledged as the world authority on bone disease in young horses, explained how new diagnostic tools assist in early detection of skeletal abnormalities. Dr. Stephanie Valberg presented a summary of muscle adaptation to early training, and Dr. Chris Kawcak spoke on skeletal changes in response to training and exercise.

You may order a copy of the 2006 proceedings from the KER online catalog or call 888-873-1988.

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