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For over a decade, Kentucky Equine Research has regularly disseminated current information about research, equine health, news notes, horse facts, stable management, and industry events. Beginning in print form as Equine Review, this information service is now Equine Health Review, a monthly e-newsletter. Click on the titles below to browse this archived material.

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Health Line

Transporting Horses: Management to Minimize Stress

Run-In Sheds Provide Shelter for Pastured Horses

From the Heart

Hay Storage and Use

Bedding Choices to Fit Every Stable

Hoof Dressings: Helpful, Harmful, or Humbug?

Out of Work: How to Let Your Horse Down in the Off-Season

Equine Diseases: Alphabet Soup Simplified

Colic Caused by Stomach Distention is a Life-Threatening Condition

Managing Horses with Airway Disease

White Line Disease Requires Early Diagnosis and Aggressive Treatment

Disease ABCs: Anthrax, Botulism, Corynebacterium

Horses with Anhidrosis Require Careful Management

Weight Loss in Older Horses: Management Solutions

Weaning: Stress Can be Minimized by Management

Horse Management: Beyond the Basics

The Horses Are Out!

Equine Recurrent Colic and Allergies

Horse World

Hunters and Jumpers: What Are We Talking About?

First Horse Show: Prepare Your Young Horse for Success

Science Update

Review of "Effect of 'tongue tie' use on racing performance of Thoroughbreds in the United Kingdom"

Industry Notes

Industry Notes December 3, 2010

Industry Notes November 26, 2010

Industry Notes November 19, 2010

Industry Notes November 12, 2010

Industry Calendar, December 2010

Industry Notes November 5, 2010

Industry Notes October 29, 2010

Industry Notes October 22, 2010

Industry Calendar, November 2010

Industry Notes October 15, 2010

Industry Notes October 8, 2010

Industry Notes October 1, 2010

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Industry Notes August 27, 2010

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Industry Calendar August 1, 2010

Industry Calendar July 15, 2010

Industry Notes July 15, 2010

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Industry Calendar July 1 2010

Industry Calendar June/July 2010

June Industry Notes

Science Update

SU 46 Review of "Effect of track maintenance on mechanical properties of a dirt racetrack: A preliminary study"

SU 47 Review of "Factors affecting foal birth weight in Thoroughbred horses"

SU 48 Review of "Role of diet and feeding in normal and stereotypic behaviors in horses"

SU 49 Review of “The effect of exercise on equine gastric ulcer syndrome in the Thoroughbred and Standardbred athlete”

SU 50 Recent Updates in Equine Nutrition


N 42 Yeast Supplementation, Soy Hulls Useful in Some Equine Diets

N 43 AAEP Workshop Focuses on Equine Nutrition

N 44 How and Why to Choose Feed Supplements

N 45 Does Nutrition Influence Equine Behavior?

N 46 Does My Horse Need a Vitamin E Supplement?

Health Line

IN 46 Training and Bone Development

IN 47 Updates on Equine Health and Wellness

IN 48 Preventing Racing Injuries: Are Artificial Track Surfaces the Solution?

Industry Notes

IN 171 When and Where

IN 172 Who and What

IN 173 When and Where

IN 174 Who and What

IN 175 When and Where

IN 176 When and Where

IN 177 Who and What

IN 178 When and Where

IN 179 Who and What

IN 180 When and Where

IN 181 When and Where

IN 182 Who and What

IN 183 When and Where

IN 184 When and Where

IN 185 Who and What

IN 186 When and Where

IN 187 Who and What

IN 188 When and Where

IN 189 Who and What

IN 190 When and Where

IN 191 When and Where

IN 192 When and Where

IN 193 When and Where

IN 194 When and Where

IN 195 Who and What

IN 196 Who and What

IN 197 When and Where

IN 198 When and Where

IN 199 Who and What

Horse World

HW 44 Para-Equestrian Competition Focuses on Abilities

Sales and Marketing

SM 23 Maintaining Service and Sales in a Challenging Economy

SM 24 What's This "Green" Idea All About, and How Can It Work for My Company?

Science Update

SU 39 Summary of "Fracture rate in Thoroughbred racehorses is affected by dam age and parity"

SU 40 Review of "Respirable dust concentrations in equine stables. Part 2: The benefits of soaking hay and optimizing the environment in a neighboring stable"

SU 41 Review of "Evaluation of indicators of weight-carrying ability of light riding horses"

SU 42 Review of “Evacuation of sand from the equine intestine with mineral oil, with and without psyllium”

SU 43 Review of "Injuries of limb joints during race training of two-year-old Thoroughbred horses"

SU 44 Review of "Evaluation of a new strategy to modulate skeletal development in Thoroughbred performance horses by imposing track-based exercise during growth"

SU 45 Review of "Glycaemic and insulinaemic response of Quarter Horses to concentrates high in fat and low in soluble carbohydrates"


N 37 Feeding Horses: Just the Basics

N 38 Putting the Brakes on Weight Gain

N 39 Glycemic Index

N 40 Nutrition for Horses with Metabolic Disorders

N 41 Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation Provides Significant Benefits

Health Line

HL 45 Help, I Think My Horse Has Been Poisoned!

Industry Notes

IN 148 Who and What

IN 149 When and Where

IN 150 Who and What

IN 151 When and Where

IN 152 Who and What

IN 153 Who and What

IN 154  Who and What

IN 155 When and Where

IN 156 When and Where

IN 157 Who and What

IN 158 When and Where

IN 159 When and Where

IN 160 Who and What

IN 161 When and Where

IN 162 Who and What

IN 163 When and Where

IN 164 Who and What

IN 165 When and Where

IN 166 Who and What

IN 167 When and Where

IN 168 Who and What

IN 169 When and Where

IN 170 Who and What

Horse World

HW 41 Flehmen: What's My Horse Doing with His Lip?"

HW 42 Maximizing Fuel Efficiency for Horse Transport

HW 43 The Advantages of Turnout

Sales and Marketing

SM 21 Expanding Your Customer Base Means Increasing Profits

SM 22 Not New, But Still True: Marketing Ideas That Work

Science Update

SU 34 Review of "Countermeasures for pasture-associated laminitis in ponies and horses"

SU 35 Summary of "The effect of current grain feeding practices on hindgut starch fermentation and acidosis in the Australian racing Thoroughbred"

SU 36 Review of "Prevalence, heritability and significance of musculoskeletal conformational traits in Thoroughbred yearlings"

SU 37 Review of "Stride pattern preference in racehorses"

SU 38 Review of "Breed susceptibility in equine polysaccharide storage myopathy"


N 35 Managing Horses on High-Fructan Pastures

N 36 Forage Alternatives

Health Line

HL 41 Health Management Strategies at Equine Events

HL 42 Equine Event Management: Will Your Horse Come Home Healthy

HL 43 Overweight Horses Face Multiple Health Risks

HL 44 Salmonella Infection Is Something To Avoid

Industry Notes

IN 121 When and Where

IN 122 Who and What

IN 123 When and Where

IN 124 Who and What

IN 125 When and Where

IN 126 When and Where

IN 127 Who and What

IN 128 When and Where

IN 129 Who and What

IN 130 When and Where

IN 131 Who and What

IN 132 When and Where

IN 133 When and Where

IN 134 Who and What

IN 135 When and Where

IN 136 Who and What

IN 137 When and Where

IN 138 Who and What

IN 139 When and Where

IN 140 Who and What

IN 141 When and Where

IN 142 Who and What

IN 143 When and Where

IN 144 Who and What

IN 145 Who and What

IN 146 When and Where

IN 147 Who and What

Horse World

HW 36 Stable Talk

HW 37 Changes in the Horse Industry

HW 38 Equine Health and Management Trends

HW 39 Icelandic Horses

HW 40 Competitive Trail Riding

Sales & Marketing

SM 19 It's Perfectly Clear: Avoiding Problems with Jargon

SM 20 Feed Futures

Science Update

SU 20 Review of "Effect of dietary starch, fat, and bicarbonate content on exercise responses and serum creatine kinase activity in equine recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis"

SU 21 Considerations for Nutritional Management of the Mare and Foal

SU 22 AAEP Convention Abstracts

SU 23 Review of "Cryptosporidiosis and foal heat diarrhea"

SU 24 Summary of "Soybean hulls as analternative feed for horses"

SU 25 Summary of "Physiological responses of horses to 24 hours of transportation"

SU 26 Review of " Assessment of the efficacy of composite surgery for the treatment of dorsal displacement of the soft palate in a group fo 53 racing Thoroughbreds

SU 27 Review of "Dietary protein and fat effects on protein and fat effects on protein status in Arabian horses during interval training and repeated sprints"


N23 An Introduction to Protein Supplements

N24 Is Alfalfa the Right Choice?

N25 Fueling the Endurance Horse

N26 The Quiet Diet: Using Equi-Jewel in Your Feeding Program

N27 A Closer Look at Fats: Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Health Line

HL 25 Mad Horse Disease? Don't Worry Yet!

HL 26 Foal Pneumonia

HL 27 Oxygen Deprivation in Newborn Foals

HL 28 Choke

HL 29 Developments in Equine Health

HL 30 Sunburn and Photosensitivity

HL 31 Lyme Disease

HL 32 Breathe In, Breathe Out: Roaring and Choking Down

HL 33 Equine Grass Sickness

Industry Notes

IN 47 When and Where

IN 48 Who and What

IN 49 When and Where

IN 50 Who and What

IN 51 When and Where

IN 52 Who and What

IN 53 When and Where

IN 54 When and Where

IN 55 Who and What

IN 56 When and Where

IN 57 Who and What

IN 58 When and Where

IN 59 Who and What

IN 60 When and Where

IN 61 Who and What

IN 62 When and Where

IN 63 Who and What

IN 64 When and Where

IN 65 Who and What

IN 66 When and Where

IN 67 Who and What

IN 68 When and Where

IN 69 Who and What

IN 70 When and Where

IN 71 Who and What

Horse World

HW 21 Norwegian Fjord Horse

HW 22 Irish Draught Horses and Irish Sport Horses

HW 23 Horse Management for the Spring Season

HW 24 Extreme Equine Sports

HW 25 On the Road Again: Trailering Your Horse

HW 26 Getting Inside the Horse's Head

Sales & Marketing

SM 13 Dealing with Problems

SM 14 Agriterrorism

SM 15 Local Vigilance Can Help Prevent Agriterrorism

SM 16 Personnel: Hiring the Best, Keeping the Best

SM 17 Sponsorship Agreements: Both Parties Can Benefit

SM 18 Making a Company Newsletter Work for You

Science Update

SU 09 Review of " Effect of an Aluminum Supplement on Nutrient Digestibility and Mineral Metabolism in Thoroughbred Horses"

SU 10 Review of "Effect of Partial Replacement of Oats with Sugar Beet Pulp and Maize Oil on Nutrient Utilisation in Horses"

SU 11 Review of "The effect of inorganic and organic forms of copper and zinc on mineral digestibility and retention in yearling geldings in training

SU 12 Review of " Systemic Relaxin in Pregnant Pony Mares Grazed on Endophyte-Infected Fescue: Effects of Fluphenazine Treatment

SU 13 Review of " Effect of a Preparation of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae on Microbial Profiles and Fermentation Patterns in the Large Intestine of Horses Fed a High Fiber or a High Starch Diet"

SU 14 Review of "Comparison of the metabolic responses of trained Arabians and Thoroughbreds during high- and low-intensity

15 Review of "Effect of forage intake on body weight and performance"

SU 16 Review of "the effect of weaning age on foal growth and radiographic bone density."

SU 17 Review of "Effects on exercise metabolism of varying dietary starch and sugar proportions"

SU 18 Review of "Grazing of spotted locoweed (Astragalus lentiginosus) by cattle and horses in Arizona

SU 19 Review of "The prediction and prevention of musculoskeletal injury using radiographic measurement of bone shape in Thoroughbred racehorses during training"


N11 Bran Mash: What's It Really Good For?

N12 Is Naked Better?

N13 The Nutritional Demands of Lactation

N14 Don't Dilute! The Pitfalls of Cutting Feeds with Cereal Grainis and Protein Supplements

N15 The Nitty Gritty on Salt

N16 Nutrition of the Breeding Stallion

N17 Warmbloods: Feed 'Em the Same as Other Horses?

N18 Go Figure: A Quick Guide to Mathematical Conversions

N19 Alternative Grass Hays for Horses

N20 Feeding After the Hammer Falls

N21 Optimal Body Condition Scores for Breeding Mares

N22 Stick With Molasses for Palatability and Energy

Health Line

HL 13 Colic Risk Factors

HL 14 Arthritis, a Pain in the Joint

HL 15 Alphabet Soup for the Feed Dealer's Peace of Mind

HL 16 Managing Broodmares on Fescue or Pasture

HL 17 Strangles

HL 18 Shivers, Stringhalt, and Australian Stringhalt

HL 19 Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

HL 20 Disease Updates: West Nile Virus, Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome

HL 21 Head Shaking May Have a Variety of Causes

HL 22 Navicular Syndrome

HL 23 Eastern Equine Encephalitis

HL 24 Equine Herpesvirus

Industry Notes

IN 23 Who and What

IN 24 Who and What

IN 25 When and Where

IN 26 Who and What

IN 27 When and Where

IN 28 Who and What

IN 29 When and Where

IN 30 Who and What

IN 31 When and Where

IN 32 Who and What

IN 33 When and Where

IN 34 Who and What

IN 35 When and Where

IN 36 Who and What

IN 37 When and Where

IN 38 Who and What

IN 39 When and Where

IN 40 Who and What

IN 41 When and Where

IN 42 Who and What

IN 43 When and Where

IN 44 Who and What

IN 45 When and Where

IN 46 Who and What

Horse World

HW 12 Hoof Dressings: Helpful, Harmful or Humbug?

HW 13 Vaulting: Gymnastics on Horseback

HW 14 From the Heart

HW 15 Dental Care

HW 16 The American Standardbred: Trotters and Pacers Rule the Harness Tracks

HW 17 Is My Horse the Right Size?

HW 18 Sorting Out Deworming Products

HW 19 Digestive Aids: Does Your Horse Need Them?

HW 20 Doing the Dishes

Sales & Marketing

SM 07 Answering Questions About Protein Requirements

SM 08 Chelated Minerals Enhance Nutrient Bioavailability

SM 09 Serve Horse Owners, Help Your Company

SM 10 Accentuating the Positive: Avoiding Turn-Off Phrases

SM 11 Find Information, Ideas, and Answers in Equine Review

SM 12 Nutrition By the Numbers

Science Update

SU 01 Effects of Differently Composed Feeds and Physical Stress on Plasma Gastrin Concentrations in Horses

SU 02 A Comparison of Grain, Vegetable Oil, and Beet Pulp as Energy Sources for the Exercised Horse

SU 03 Effect of Corn Processing on Glycemic Response in Horses

SU 04 Review of "Effect of Exercise on the Immune Response of Young and Old Horses"

SU 05 Feed Industry Symposium Offers Broad Agenda

SU 06 Research at UC Davis Center for Equine Health Benefits the Horse Industry

SU 07 Review of "Developmental Orthopedic Disease (DOD) in Horses - A Multifactorial Process"

SU 08 Review of "A Field Study of Oxygen Consumption and Estimated Energy Expenditure in the Exercising Horse"


N 01 Feeding Frequency

N 02 Forage Forms

N 03 Stocking Rate

N 04 Determining Work Intensity

N 05 Super Fibers

N 06 Feeding the Mare and Foal After Weaning

N 07 Pica: The Peculiar Palate

N 08 Feeding the Miniature Horse

N 09 Oxalates

N 10 Recovery from Enteritis Dictates Changes in Feed Management

Health Line

HL 01 West Nile Virus - It's Coming Your Way!

HL 02 Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis

HL 03 Managing Horses with Airway Disease

HL 04 Disease ABCs: Anthrax, Botulism, Corynebacterium

HL 05 Gastric Ulcers, Neigh-Lox, and the Racehorse

HL 06 Fields, Fencerows, and Yards May Harbor Poison Plants

HL 07 Enteroliths

HL 08 Horses with Anhidrosis Require Careful Management

HL 09 Severe Colic Can Result in Stomach Rupture

HL10 Potomac Horse Fever

HL 11 White Line Disease Requires Early Diagnosis and Aggressive Treatment

HL 12 Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP)

Industry Notes

IN 01 Avoid Risks from Fumonisin in Corn

IN 02 Who and What,

IN 03 When and Where

IN 04 Who and What

IN 05 When and Where

IN 06 Who and What

IN 07 When and Where

IN 08 Who and What

IN 09 When and Where

IN 10 Who and What

IN 11 When and Where

IN 12 Who and What

IN 13 When and Where

IN 14 Who and What

IN 15 When and Where

IN 16 Who and What

IN 17 When and Where

IN 18 Who and What

IN 19 Who and What

IN 20 When and Where

IN 21 When and Where

IN 22 Who and What

Horse World

HW 01 Hunters and Jumpers: What are We Talking About?

HW 02 Deworming

HW 03 Reining

HW 04 A Pony is Every Inch an Equine

HW 05 Cribbing and Weaving

HW 06 Hay Storage and Use

HW 07 Chuckwagon Racing

HW 08 Team Penning

HW 09 "What Kind of Grain is Best for my Horse?"

HW 10 "What Kind of Fiber is Best for my Horse?"

HW 11 Run-In Sheds Provide Shelter for Pastured Horses

Sales & Marketing

SM 01 The Silent Side of Sales: Being Prepared for the Cold Call

SM 02 "Yeah, I've Heard of That!"

SM 03 Selling Against the National Brands

SM 04 Setting Value, Setting Price: How to Sell Against High-End and Bargain Feeds

SM 05 Using Equine Review as a Sales and Marketing Tool

SM 06 Understanding Protein

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