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High-Fat Stabilised Rice Bran with Calcium, Vitamin E and Selenium

KER Equi-Jewel is a scientifically formulated, high-fat, low-starch and cool-energy feedstuff with added vitamin E, selenium and calcium. EQUI-JEWEL is the original, research proven stabilised rice bran conditioning supplement and the only conditioning supplement that offers the combination of high fat with minimal levels of oxidation, low starch and an effective amount of digestible fibre.

Equi-Jewel is specifically designed to nutritionally support the equine athlete by providing a highly palatable form of additional calories and protein to assist in building muscle, topline and maintaining condition.

Rice bran, as the name suggests comes from rice. Specifically, rice bran is the brown outer layer of the rice grain, the part that we remove to yield white rice. The bran portion of rice is one of the most nutritious parts of the kernel. It is an excellent source of fat, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B-6, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and fibre. For horses, one of the best things about rice bran is that it contains a high level of fat and is a wonderful addition to the diet where a high fat intake is desirable.

What is Stabilised Rice Bran?

Removal of the brown layer of rice releases an enzyme called lipase which oxidises fat and turns the rice bran rancid. The oxidation of the fat occurs very quickly especially in warmer weather and results in a “soapy” after-taste which can be quite unpalatable to all but the greediest of horses. The rancid bran also contains damaging free radicals and reactive oxidative species. Subjecting the rice bran to heat and pressure (stabilisation) soon after its separation from the rice grain destroys the lipase. Without the destructive lipase enzyme, the fat content of rice bran (18-20%) is stabilised and this gives Equi-Jewel its proven palatability and long shelf life. EQUI-JEWEL is a stabilised rice bran supplement, ensuring premium quality and palatability.


  • High energy, without the ‘fizz’ associated with high grain diets
  • Highly digestible and palatable
  • Low in starch – ideal for horses intolerant to grain, those prone to tying up, and those with behavioural issues
  • The low feeding rate and high digestibility provides for an economical calorie supplement
  • The benefit of rice bran for conditioning and muscle building
  • Stabilised and extruded to lock in the fat content, increase shelf life and prevent oxidation
  • Contains essential fatty acids for healthy skin and a naturally shiny coat
  • Contains added calcium to balance the high phosphorus levels found naturally in rice bran and other commonly fed brans or pollards
  • Supplies the powerful anti-oxidants natural vitamin E and organic selenium
  • Supported by extensive research with proven advantages over other fat sources


  • To supplement the diets of horses requiring additional calories to maintain performance and condition
  • To increase body condition, muscle, topline and coat condition in show, sale and performance horses
  • As a safe alternative energy source for horses requiring a low-carbohydrate diet such as those prone to tying-up or laminitis
  • A ‘cool’ source of calories for horses that heat up on grain
  • A source of natural vitamin E and organic selenium to assist with muscle recovery in performance horses and healthy immune function
  • For horses at risk of gastric ulceration or colic
  • A slow release energy source for horses competing over long distances or endurance competitions
  • As an energy source without the risks often associated with feeding grain

Suitable for:

Race horses, performance horses, show horses and sale preparation, breeding horses, especially good for poor doers and picky eaters, horses prone to tying-up, horses that get excited or fizzy on grain, and horses needing rapid weight gain.


Stabilised rice bran, calcium carbonate, vitamin E, selenium


Feed 0.5 - 1kg per day to 500kg horses. Up to 2kg per day can be fed to 500-kg horses. Replace 1 cup of oil with 0.5kg EQUI-JEWEL. Mix well with feed. Introduce EQUI-JEWEL gradually over several days, starting with a handful. EQUI-JEWEL is high-energy complementary feed, which should be added to the horse's daily ration when additional calories are desired.

Available Sizes:

12 kg and 20 kg

Typical Analysis:

Digestible energy 18-19MJ
Crude protein(min) 13%
Crude fat 18-20%
Crude fibre (max) 13%
Calcium (min) 2.25%
Phosphorus (min) 1.5%
Vitamin E 1000IU
Selenium 1 mg

EquiJewel Distributors

Country Distributor
UK Saracen Horse Feeds
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United Kingdom
Tel: 01622 718487
Fax: 01622 790321

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BT70 1LF
Northern Ireland
from RoI: 048 3754 8276
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Spain Horse1
Horse1 - Centro de Nutrición Equina 
Pol Ind. San José de Valderas 
c/ Electricidad 56 
Leganes Madrid 28918
Phone: +34 91 6126502
Denmark Brogaarden
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3540 Lynge
Phone: +45 39 65 1880
Europe enquiries Kentucky Equine Research - Europe
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Australia enquiries Kentucky Equine Research Australasia
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New Zealand NRM NZ
Phone: 0800800380

Elite Advice

"Full-fat, no grain, plenty of energy – I can’t rave about this feed enough! Kirby Park Irish Jester had stress founder from travel sickness from a plane ride in 2010, but he has now returned to work and competition at the four-star level and did it on EQUI-JEWEL and Barastoc competitor pellets. All the energy he needed came from these feeds, and I have had no fears of him foundering again at any stage.” -Megan Jones

“By feeding EQUI-JEWEL, not only do we feel that our horses stay in peak condition with shiny coats, but it also enables us to feed less grain whilst still maintaining high energy levels." -Brook Dobbin

“We have been feeding EQUI-JEWEL for years now and have always been very impressed in the results. We have Tango V on Equi-Jewel now and he loves it, he looks terrific and this feed allows him enough energy to cope with the Grand Prix work without being too much, as he is a hot sensitive horse, so it is very important to keep the balance right.” -Caroline Wagner

For more information or to find out where to purchase this product, contact KER's Australian Corporate Office.

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