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A dual-action supplement designed to promote and maintain healthy skin, coat and hoof condition from the inside out.

BIO-BLOOM contains biotin, methionine and chelated zinc at levels shown to be beneficial for hoof growth, development of strong hoof wall and a soft shiny coat. These nutrients are essential in combination to synergistically act together to improve hoof and coat quality. Weak, split or cracked hooves and collapsed heels are all factors which may cause lameness and loss of performance or require a horse to be rested. The old saying "no hoof, no horse" is still very true.

BIO-BLOOM will keep horses in work by preventing, and speeding up the recovery from, hoof problems. Lecithin and full-fat soya bean meal contain essential fatty acids and quality protein to help produce a shiny coat and quality hoof horn. At higher dose rates BIO-BLOOM assists in recovery from laminitis.


  • Prevention and treatment of hoof damage
  • To assist in producing a soft shiny coat
  • To assist in the repair of weak or damaged hooves
  • To aid recovery from laminitis
  • To promote mane and tail growth
  • To increase quality hoof growth where there may be damage due to seedy toe, sand cracks, shelly hooves or hooves that are dry and brittle


The following amounts should be fed daily. Mix well with feed.

(Doses per 1100 lb (500 kg) horse; decrease or increase according to body weight of the horse.)

30 g Increased hoof growth and strength
60 g Treatment of acute hoof damage and coat conditioning
90-120 g Recovery from laminitis

These recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 1100 lb (500 kg). Please adjust according to the weight of your horse.

1 scoop = 30g


Nutrient Concentration Per 30 g
Lysine 0.20% 60 mg
Methionine 10.00% 3000 mg
Chelated Zinc 6,666 mg/kg 200 mg
Iodine 66 mg/kg 2 mg
Biotin 500 mg/kg 15 mg
Lecithin Included
Full-Fat Soybean Meal Included

Elite Advice

“BIO-BLOOM is a great biotin supplement that provides the necessary nutrients to combat soft or weak hooves. Strong hooves mean less chance of lameness or soreness, enabling better performance.” -Brook Dobbin

“WS Donnerman is a lovely five-year-old that we imported from Germany two years ago, and we have had him on BIO-BLOOM since then. His coat always looks amazing, and his hoof growth has also been great. It is so important for their feet to be strong and healthy, and this was especially important when our horse was having such a big change in environment, coming from soft lush grass and good surfaces to a much harder, tougher surface in Australia.” -Caroline Wagner

For more information or to find out where to purchase this product, contact KER's Australian Corporate Office.

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